UPS Preventive Maintenance Services

UPS Preventive Maintenance Services

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Power failures are detrimental to data centers and have a direct impact on the many people affected by even a moment of lost power. In all industries, downtime is costly, and in some, it can be life-threatening, too.

We understand the immense repercussions a power loss can have on a data center, so we make it our mission to mitigate challenges before they evolve into major issues.

Through our UPS Preventive Maintenance Services, we’ll assess your system to ensure that in the event of a power failure, your UPS will pick up the load and function properly, as well as send alerts and other critical information so further analysis and prevention practices can be implemented. Best of all, these tests are performed without having to shut down the power to the UPS itself, thus not affecting your network or equipment.

Our highly-trained engineers have a strong dedication to Business-Critical Continuity and take the utmost care of technology so our customers can focus on their business.

Protect your staff and systems with our UPS Preventive Maintenance Services for your data center. Fill out our form to get started today.

Benefits of a Regular Factory-Direct Service Plan

Sustained business operation depends on the reliability of your UPS and battery system. Routine preventive maintenance services are customized based on your facility’s power needs and the criticality of the operations your UPS and battery systems support. Services include factor-recommended preventive maintenance, field change notices, firmware updates, as well as battery testing.

Promotes Uptime and Prevents Problems Before They Happen

UPS failures are one of the leading causes of data center downtime worldwide. The best way to keep your equipment running optimally and to promote uptime is to monitor the ongoing health of your UPS with a proactive maintenance approach. Scheduling regular checkups for your UPS helps mitigate the possibility of part and component failures. With a skilled technician examining the complete unit (batteries, semi-conductors, wiring, resistors, breakers, capacitors, fans, etc.), any wear or potential failure will be identified and resolved before a problem occurs — and takes your critical load down with it.

Streamlines the Budget Process and Saves Money

Planning for the future is key to the success of your facility. With a proactive maintenance approach, you can avoid unanticipated failures and plan better for the future. Part replacements and overhauls can be predicted, which allows you to forecast costs and build them into budgets. If you skip a preventive maintenance plan, don’t be surprised when a part breaks down unexpectedly, leading to an unplanned — and costly — expense.

While the most obvious financial gain would be to avoid expensive outages, a well-maintained UPS system will require few to no costly emergency service calls, which will help your business’s bottom line. Preventive maintenance can extend the operational life of UPS components, which cuts down on your number of replacements.

Parts Are Readily Available

We are a proud factory-direct provider of Vertiv products and services. This means we have access to an abundance of inventory in depots across the country. In addition, techs keep some parts in their truck, which means faster replacements for your data center. Either way, when a unit requires a replacement, Vertiv techs can obtain the part and install it quickly.

Firmware Updates and Field Change Notices

As a factory-direct service provider, we’re in constant communication with Vertiv. Unlike third party vendors, we have access to everything, which means we’re able to provide the latest firmware updates and field change notices in conjunction with our UPS Preventive Maintenance Services. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data center is in good hands.

Factory-Trained Technicians

Our factory-direct Vertiv Customer Service Engineers are trained at the source – within a Vertiv factory. As a result of this specialty training, our engineers are empowered with a fierce loyalty to Business-Critical Continuity and take the utmost care of your equipment so you can focus on running your data center.

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