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Large power transformers are some of the most reliable assets used in electrical power systems. Even so, they can and do fail. Transformer failures can cost you millions in lost production, income and customers. Through regular transformer testing and maintenance, you can uncover developing problems before they escalate. This enables proactive repair that supports system reliability and business continuity.


  • Substation maintenance services, performed individually or as part of a comprehensive program, improve system reliability
  • Turnkey installation provides you with complete design, installation, replacement, upgrade, and removal and disposal solutions for your electrical equipment
  • Commissioning and startup verifies that your equipment has been properly installed for safe and reliable operation
  • Preventive maintenance testing services ensure the ongoing efficiency of your transformers and electrical equipment
  • Online predictive maintenance, performed while your system remains energized, helps identify when a failure may occur so you can plan for service
  • Fluid and oil processing purifies and filters fluids to eliminate contaminants, and increase reliability and performance
  • Oil analysis helps determine oil deterioration that impacts the operating efficiency of your transformers
  • Emergency services include 24/7 support for critical needs such as transformer leaks, gasket replacement, spill cleanup and recovery, and fault analysis


  • Improved reliability from your electrical distribution system occurs through routine inspection and maintenance
  • More cost-effective testing and maintenance is achieved as analysis of transformer performance identifies signs of impending failure which helps prioritize spending
  • Fewer unplanned outages and costly business disruptions result from ongoing data collection and trending that informs decisions regarding electrical assets
  • Fewer emergency repairs are needed when transformers and related equipment are regularly inspected and serviced

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