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Smart Turnarounds™ and Outage Services

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Smart Turnarounds™ and Outage Services | FeatureInfographics

Plant turnarounds constitute your single largest maintenance expense. Part of ensuring a successful turnaround is controlling the time and cost associated with the outage, while making sure your assets get the service needed to continue performing safely and reliably. Smart Turnarounds and outage services can help you make the most of planned maintenance time.


  • Pre-outage planning uses a plant walk-through and equipment assessment to identify turnaround objectives
  • Pre-outage diagnostic testing includes online testing to determine what assets need work and what work will need to be done
  • Pre-outage electrical maintenance includes an advanced predictive maintenance program that enables an efficient maintenance strategy and continuous performance improvement for plant assets
  • Maintenance and testing services helps you detect deficiencies before they result in unscheduled outages, loss of production, and damaged equipment
  • Post-outage report and feedback includes details of tasks performed, equipment serviced, personnel involved, and recommendations for future maintenance


  • Better scheduled, better budgeted turnarounds occur with proper planning and diagnosis
  • More efficient use of time and resources is achieved by fully understanding up front what assets will be needed for the duration of the outage
  • Optimized equipment performance, safety, and reliability happens when you partner with experts using the latest diagnostic technology and state-of-the-art tools
  • Reduced risk of equipment failure is due to extensive planning, diagnosis, and maintenance performed prior to the outage
  • Better long-term cycle efficiency is achieved when predictive electrical inspections and testing are part of your outage
  • More critical insight for ongoing maintenance planning is gleaned from a comprehensive turnaround review and report

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