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RPM1.5-DEMO60 | FrontView
RPM1.5-DEMO60 | FrontView
RPM1.5-DEMO60 | FrontView
RPM1.5-DEMO60 | FrontView
RPM1.5-DEMO60 | FrontView
RPM1.5-DEMO60 | LeftSideView

Rack Power Manager can manage enterprise size PDU deployments with ease, providing access and control capabilities to maintain and configure your PDUs.


  • Unified, secure rack PDU power monitoring and management
  • Location independence activity:
  • Network based monitoring
  • Remote power control
  • Distributed threshold data, unified aggregate reference
  • Appliance management and firmware distribution as Scheduled or On-Demand task
  • Bulk Rack PDU configuration
  • Session log, report and archive
  • Historical collection & archive
  • Shared DSView DC model
  • Socket granular management
  • User defined groups (socket or whole RPDU) enables discrete management & report activity
  • Power Control (on, off, recycle) for socket, RPDU or Group as Scheduled or On-Demand task
  • Hub-and-spoke architecture
  • Authentication via LDAP, active directory, NT domain, TACACS+, RADIUS or RSA SecureID; web secure 2048 SSL certificate
  • PCI Compliance


  • Enable Professionals to monitor manage power from anywhere
  • Power appliance & Rack PDU management – balanced usage
  • Appliance firmware releases managed consistently
  • Activity logging for full operational accountability
  • Flexibly restored history archive for retrospective reporting
  • Instantly implemented power definition via DSView DC model
  • User defined groups to manage and report specific usage (chargeback, load balance, etc.)
  • Architected for business continuity
  • Secured via site authentication and web certificates

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