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How to Get Your Data Center Ready for 5G

In a world which continues to demand greater connectivity, it’s no surprise you may have heard about the roll out of 5G network.

Telecom companies boast that 5G makes businesses more efficient and provides people access to information faster than ever before.

But with any digital transformation of connectivity, this is a huge undertaking for data center operators.

Here’s what you should know before forging ahead.

Why is 5G Important?

It seems like a lifetime ago we were running 1G on analogue phones. Today, we’re embracing the bandwidth. 5G is empowering smart cars and smart cities across the globe.

The latest generation of 5G connectivity promises versatility, increased speeds, extremely low latency, and IoT expansion.

But while higher bandwidth offers greater opportunities, there’s also greater responsibilities on data center operators everywhere.

451 Research believes 5G will be the most impactful and difficult network upgrade ever faced by the telecom industry.

How ready is your facility to embrace 5G?

Preparing The Network for 5G

For critical infrastructures to adapt to 5G, they need to keep up with forecast demand. This means that creating new data centers or upgrading existing infrastructures is essential. 

Whether it’s utilizing edge computing to deliver enough coverage or expanding power and cooling systems, data centers must embrace new technologies to ensure long-term reliability and scalability of the 5G network.

So how do you ensure the critical infrastructure is empowered for 5G success? Start with these future-ready solutions.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Some data centers have been slow to adopt lithium ion batteries in their data center. But, with concerns over energy costs and the rise of 5G, this will likely shift.

Lithium ion batteries provide greater power density in a smaller footprint than VRLA batteries.

And they’re nearly maintenance-free! They have a longer life, which reduces service requirements and replacement costs over the lifetime of the UPS.

Protect Your Infrastructure

While investing in a 5G-ready data center, consider upgrading your UPS system, too.

UPS systems, including Vertiv’s Liebert GXT5, help protect critical infrastructure in both centralized and edge network applications with premium power outage protection and continuous power conditioning.

These UPS systems have integrated intelligent controls which will allow operators to quickly respond to changes in incoming power quality and demand.

Deploy Economization

To hinder the impact of operating costs from the higher consumption, operators must find new means of saving-energy.

Consider free-cooling economization to reduce the rising costs of cooling more facilities which consume more power.

Vertiv’s Liebert DSE is up to 75% more efficient than DX systems and provides water-free, highly efficient free cooling throughout much of the year.

Available in multiple configurations, the DSE easily scales to meet your capacity needs as they grow. 

Future-Proof Your Infrastructure with a Critical Support Partner

As 5G continues to rollout, operators must proceed with a well-designed plan to scale beyond tomorrow.

While the opportunity is on the horizon, it’s best to connect with industry-leading professionals to help right-size your infrastructure for the future of connectivity.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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