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Vertiv XTE EBRE Series

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The Vertiv XTE EBRE Series enclosure is an extended battery reserve enclosure that provides a stable environment for battery backup of your wireless site in case of power grid failure.


  • Interfaces with -48 VDC or +24 VDC radio systems and accommodates a variety of battery vendors
  • Number of battery strings allowed: maximum of 15 strings at +24 VDC; maximum of 5 or 7 strings at -48 VDC, depending upon part number selected (7 strings possible with addition of 2 split strings)
  • Passive hydrogen release system
  • Independent termination breaker on each battery string eases servicing and maintenance
  • Equipped with a 8500 BTU/hr air conditioning system with integrated heater system in case of operation in cold environments
  • Dual-voltage conversion kit converts (2) 24 V shelves (F2005013) for -48 V use; removes (6) +24 V strings and adds (2) -48 V strings, plus buswork
  • Designed to meet Telcordia’s GR-487-CORE requirements


  • Extend the life of your batteries with efficient cooling options
  • Keep your batteries safe, secure and protected from adverse environmental conditions
  • High network availability through reliable DC power battery up

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