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Trellis™ Power Insight

Trellis™ Power Insight | FrontView
Trellis™ Power Insight | FrontView
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Trellis™ Power Insight helps improve efficiency, protect valuable critical equipment and increases visibility of your UPSs and rPDUs. It is a web-based software designed for users with a distributed infrastructure who need a way to manage multiple devices. The software is simple to install, easy to use application that provides a single interface for up to 100 UPSs and rPDUs.


Trellis™ Power Insight sends alerts if there are issues with a connected equipment and provides a quick way to safely shutdown IT devices based on user-configured parameters. With Trellis™ Power Insight you get: 
  • Alarm notifications via email, SMS and on-screen icons
  • Shutdown protection for individual and virtual servers
  • Auto discovery of devices
  • Access to each device web interface
  • Alarm views with data that can be sorted or filtered
  • Summary data of individual devices
  • Dashboard views of key data points such as capacity load percentage, output current, battery percentage charge and battery time remaining


Trellis™ Power Insight provides an enhanced user experience so you get the most out of your UPS and rPDU infrastructure. This complimentary software delivers the following value: 
  • Provides fast notification to appropriate personnel if a problem occurs
  • Protects IT equipment with controlled automated shutdown
  • Simplifies monitoring remote power infrastructure 24/7
  • Minimizes configuration time with fast install and access to each device web interface
  • Organizes data for efficient decision making

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