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Short Circuit and Coordination Studies

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Short Circuit and Coordination Studies | FeatureInfographics

Every time you expand, reconfigure, add a load, or upgrade your electrical distribution system, you challenge its reliability. Short circuit and coordination studies help manage these complexities by ensuring protective devices are properly set and coordinated to quickly isolate a failure. These studies give you a better understanding of current electrical distribution system operation, along with information you need to improve protection for equipment, personnel, and your business as a whole.


  • Data collection based on your existing single-line diagram or an analysis of your electrical distribution system provides critical information about current protective device types, ampere ratings, and settings
  • Power system analysis using state-of-the-art software helps Vertiv engineers determine optimum settings for your protective devices
  • Report of findings includes critical information you need to protect your electrical distribution system, including suggested settings for all adjustable devices and time-current curves
  • Updated single-line diagram, based on the study, supports future engineering services and performance optimization


  • Minimized nuisance tripping and downtime happens as you better understand protective device coordination and adjust settings as needed
  • Fewer service interruptions occur due to overload and short-circuit conditions
  • Quicker isolation of faulty circuits eliminates loss of power to other parts of the system
  • Improved protection for your equipment, people and facility is achieved by implementing recommendations resulting from these studies

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