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SCB3CDC-182D111C1 | FrontView
SCB3CDC-182D111C1 | LeftSideView

REMOTE ACCESS – W/ EXT. BATTERY – 13U H X 24”W X 36”D lockable cabinet – 4 Cisco 3850 switches with up to 24 PoE Ports – GXT4 8kVA UPS supports true online double conversion comes equipped with 12 C13 outlets – ACS6000 Console Server gives you access to the console port of the 3850 switches – Model equipped with temperature, humidity, and door sensors. All sensors along with UPS battery can be remotely monitored using standard SNMP – Ext. battery increases run-time to 22/50 minutes FL/HL.


  • Power Conditioning and Back-up
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Access
  • Physical Security


  • Power Alerts
  • Temperature Alerts
  • Intrusion Alerts
  • Unity Card has full SNMP capabilities.

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