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As electrical equipment ages, components begin to wear and insulation deteriorates. This eventually leads to failure that can cost you millions unless you can quickly identify the problem, troubleshoot, and repair. Properly repaired assets increase system availability and improve performance.


  • Inspection and electrical tests are performed to understand “as found” conditions
  • Disassembly and/or removal of components such as arc-chutes allows for closer inspection to determine physical integrity
  • Replacement of worn parts occurs as needed
  • Reconditioning of current-carrying elements is performed
  • Cleaning of components includes bead-blasting and polishing
  • Reassembly is completed per manufacturer specifications


  • Extended equipment life occurs as fixed equipment will operate more efficiently minimizing adverse effects on infrastructure aging
  • Delayed capital expenses result from the ability to repair equipment rather than replace it
  • Improved availability and performance is seen when equipment functionality is restored or when equipment is retrofitted with the latest technology

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