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Power System Reliability Studies

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Power System Reliability Studies | FeatureInfographics

Risk analysis and reliability studies are essential tools for the design of power systems within critical, continuous-process facilities. Power system reliability studies provide the information necessary to upgrade and maintain your power delivery infrastructure. The results of the studies focus on reducing operating costs, improving efficiency, increasing reliability, and improving system maintainability.


  • Computer modeling enables engineers to readily perform complex calculations to evaluate system performance through simulation
  • Comprehensive report details recommendations on how to improve your system design to ensure continuous operation 


  • Improved efficiency and reliability is achieved as vulnerabilities in your power system are identified
  • Simplified compliance with regulatory requirements is the result of having a report for required documentation
  • Better understanding of system impact due to new equipment additions occurs as the study’s computer modeling allows for virtual changes
  • Optimized system upgrades are possible as the study helps identify the ideal upgrade for your space and application
  • Improved system maintainability is achieved due to improvements made following a design assessment
  • Reduced operating costs happen as the study reveals areas in which efficiencies can be gained and provides recommendations on how to realize that gain

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