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NetSure 702 DC Power System

NetSure 702 DC Power System | FrontView
NetSure 702 DC Power System | FrontView
NetSure 702 DC Power System | RearView
NetSure 702 DC Power System | LeftSideView
NetSure 702 DC Power System | RightSideView
NetSure 702 DC Power System | FeatureInfographics

Combines the advantages of the smaller 3500 watt single-phase rectifiers with the controller capability and plant architecture of the NetSure 801 system. The NetSure 702 system consists of main and supplemental power bays rated at 2000 A each. The primary applications for this system are wireline central offices, wireless MTSOs and data centers requiring nominal –48 VDC systems rated from 2,000 amps to 10,000 amps.


  • Provides up to 10,000 A at –48 VDC in 2,000 A power bays operating from 208/240 VAC three-phase nominal input
  • Applicable for standalone power bay requirements or to be configured with NetSure 801 Distribution Bays
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Low cost single phase rectifiers arranged for three-phase input
  • Extremely high reliability rectifiers
  • Front access design


  • Lower operating costs and reduce heat with high efficiency power conversion units
  • Easily adapt to evolving site powering needs with a dual voltage scalable design
  • Seamlessly integrate your Network Management System with multiple communication protocols (SNMP, Modbus, TL1)
  • Operate your power infrastructure safely and reliably with equipment that adheres to strict compliance standards

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