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NetSure 2100 Series

NetSure 2100 Series | FrontView
NetSure 2100 Series | RearView
NetSure 2100 Series | RearView
NetSure 2100 Series | LeftSideView
NetSure 2100 Series | LeftSideView
NetSure 2100 Series | LeftSideView

The NetSure 2100 Series is designed for wireless access and customer premise applications offering unmatched temperature performance and high power density.


  • Advanced control unit, up to (3) positions for 1000W high-efficiency eSure rectifiers and space fordistribution breakers and fuses
  • Power system supports 19"W and 23"W rack mounting and is available in a number of configurations
  • Distribution section supports four different options for circuit breakers up to 60A or GMT fuses up to 15A
  • Low voltage battery disconnect option is available
  • Remote monitoring and control is offered through multiple web browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Standard supported protocols include ModBus,SNMP V2 & V3
  • Encrypted security is provided by IPv6 and SNMPV3
  • Local access is also provided through the controllers' keypad and display


  • Easy to deploy in small spaces with a compact-sized 19" wide shelf, 11" deep
  • Optimize total cost of ownership with >95% high-efficiency eSure™ rectifiers
  • Save CapEx and OpEx on climate systems in outdoor applications with rectifiers that function at -40°C to +75°C, up to +45°C without derating
  • Versatile remote access and monitoring through web browsers, TCP/IP & SNMP as standard, 2nd Ethernet port option available

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