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Life-Extension Services

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Aging electrical equipment requires more maintenance and is more likely to fail than a newer system. It could even pose serious safety risks. However, replacing a worn down or obsolete electrical distribution system asset is no minor or inexpensive task. Vertiv’s complete range of life-extension services helps you take advantage of the latest technology without incurring high replacement costs.


  • Refurbish services such as inspections, cleaning, and testing, help maintain your electrical equipment and identify problems before failure occurs
  • Recondition services allow you to address insulation deterioration and surface wear on your aging electrical components
  • Rebuild services renew your existing assets once they have reached the end of their useful life at a fraction of the cost of replacement
  • Retrofit of old, outdated equipment with new technology delivers improved reliability, performance, and personnel safety
  • Relay upgrades can replace an entire rack of existing electromechanical relays with new digital relays to deliver a host of protection and communication benefits
  • Direct replacement breakers fit into the existing switchgear cells with minimal modifications and enhance electrical system reliability
  • Transformer repair/replacement services reduce the risk of transformer failure and improve capacity and performance


  • Enhanced electrical system reliability and communication capabilities are possible when equipment is upgraded through a retrofit
  • Extended asset and system life occurs when existing assets are reconditioned, thus addressing degradation
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs are achieved as aging equipment is transformed to like-new condition
  • Ensured compliance with all applicable standards occurs as services are provided by qualified, accredited technicians
  • Increased level of safety is achieved when the proper functionality of critical assets, such as protective relays and circuit breakers, is renewed

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