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Air-Cooled, freecooling and adiabatic freecooling chillers designed for the efficient cooling of small data centers


  • Adiabatic freecooling and freccooling versions available
  • Scroll compressors
  • "G" version available to achieve an higher efficiencyFast Start Ramp
  • EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve)EC Fans
  • Optimized for R410A refrigerant
  • iCOM Control


  • The freecooling and adiabatic freecooling operation allows to reduce the annual use of compressors, thus achieving top efficiency levels.In the adiabatic models, the highly efficient adiabatic wet pads humidify air entering the freecooling and condensing coils, increase freecooling operation and mechanical efficiency.
  • Audible noise is reduced to a minimum as a result of EC Fans and special acoustic insulation.The Fast Start option ensures full restoration of chiller capacity within 100 seconds from a power re-start.
  • The Supersaver software logic embedded in the iCOM Control leverages on the communication with floor mount units to maximize efficiency at system level.

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