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Avocent HMX 1000 High Performance KVM Systems

Avocent HMX 1000 High Performance KVM Systems | FamilyImage
Avocent HMX 1000 High Performance KVM Systems | FeatureInfographics

The Avocent HMX Digital High Performance KVM system is part of the HMX matrix switching solution, an ideal solution for physical separation of computers from users.


  • Eliminates Distance Limitations within the LAN – Allows computers andusers to be located anywhere on the network
  • High-Quality DVI Video and CD Audio – For intensive graphic and audioapplications
  • Centralized Management – Via a single console, including access, desktoppooling and reporting
  • Centralized, User-Rights Management – HMX system allows useradministration and authentication through AD, LDAP, TACACS+, RADIUS, RSA SecureID and NT
  • Greater Security – 128bit AES encryption for secure access
  • No Dedicated Cabling – Removes the need for dedicated cabling betweenuser and computer
  • Dual, Digital DVI Video – Up to 1920x1200
  • USB Support – USB media and most other USB devices including USB keyboard/mouse as well as vUSB
  • Interoperability – Between the HMX extender system and the single- anddual-video, high-resolution products


  • CD Audio Central Management - Manage the entire Avocent HMX solution from one central console, including one database to manage user authentication and access.
  • Secure Access - 128bit AES encryption on all data passing through the network and authentication guarantee that access to any computing resource is managed securely.
  • Ethernet Operation - Allows the computer and user to be located anywhere on the 100 or 1000Mbps network with full routing of data across routers, switches and subnets.
  • Full Hardware Solution - No software or drivers required. Provides access to all computer peripheral ports regardless ofthe state of the OS or BIOS.
  • Upgradeable - The Avocent HMX system has an embedded Linux OS and is fully upgradeable to allow for future feature enhancements.

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