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Liebert EXS UPS 15-20kVA/kW, 208/220V

Liebert EXS UPS 15-20kVA/kW, 208/220V | FrontView
Liebert EXS UPS 15-20kVA/kW, 208/220V | RearView
Liebert EXS UPS 15-20kVA/kW, 208/220V | RearView
Liebert EXS UPS 15-20kVA/kW, 208/220V | LeftSideView
Liebert EXS UPS 15-20kVA/kW, 208/220V | FeatureInfographics

The Liebert EXS UPS delivers simplicity, reliability and efficiency in a compact three phase power solution. The integrated design and reduced footprint provides maximum power capacity. Robust availability is ensured from the integrated maintenance bypass and advanced monitoring capabilities. Flexibility is enhanced using output distribution and variable battery runtime options. Low TCO is maintained from the high operating efficiency levels and reduced installation costs.


  • Compact, integrated tower design
  • High power density
  • Efficient double conversion operation up to 94%
  • ECO mode efficiency up to 99%
  • Unity output power factor
  • Flexible battery runtimes
  • Integrated output power distribution options
  • Integrated maintenance bypass
  • Frequency and voltage regulation
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Temperature-compensated battery charging
  • Programmable dry contacts
  • Robust short circuit withstand ratings
  • Network communication card allows connectivity to monitor critical systems
  • Trellis Power Insight available
  • Vertiv LIFE Services remote management capable


  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Compact footprint
  • Integrated design improves optimization while lowering complexity
  • Extended battery runtime options
  • High power density
  • Installation ease and flexibility
  • High availability reduces downtime
  • Intelligent local and remote monitoring

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