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Liebert DCD Water-Cooled Active Rack Door, 35kW

Liebert DCD Water-Cooled Active Rack Door, 35kW | LeftSideView

The Liebert DCD Active chilled water heat exchanger module installs as the rear door of an equipment rack and provides 35 kW of high density cooling. Liebert DCD modules are connected to a Liebert DCP coolant pumping unit, which acts as an isolating heat exchanger between the building chilled water source and the circulating cooling water.


  • Includes the Liebert DCD active & passive chilled water door and Liebert DCP Coolant Pumping Unit
  • 60 Hz and 50 Hz models.
  • Water-based high heat density systems
  • Full enclosure system, or back-of-rack-installed module


Uses no white space Optimizes energy efficiency Leverages existing building chilled water loop Ideal where hot aisle/cold aisle is not practical

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