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Infrared Services

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Most electrical equipment generates heat during normal operations. Usually, this heat is safely dissipated on its own. However, problems can develop when components generate excessive heat due to corrosion, loose connections, or overload. Infrared (IR) inspections identify these abnormal thermal rises in electrical and mechanical equipment before they cause an unplanned outage.


  • Online, non-intrusive testing requires no physical contact with energized equipment
  • Expert analysis and advanced testing equipment are vital for accurate infrared inspection
  • Comprehensive reporting includes color-digitized thermograms, as well as recommendations for corrective action


  • Earlier detection of problems minimizes major system damage or unplanned downtime
  • Better compliance with safety standards and most insurance company recommendations is achieved with annual IR scans
  • Fewer emergency repairs and maintenance costs are the result of regular detection and correction of hot spots that could lead to expensive downtime
  • Improved system reliability is achieved as IR services mitigate the deterioration of electrical connections that could result in fire or electrical breakdown

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