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Generator Preventive Maintenance for Data Centers

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Generator Preventive Maintenance for Data Centers | FeatureInfographics

Your UPS and battery backup systems are essential to keeping business-critical equipment online during power loss, but that is only a short-term solution. Being able to support your data center’s critical load during an extended utility outage means having a backup generator that has been properly maintained.


  • Visual and mechanical inspection, both visual and mechanical, ensures the operating integrity of the cooling, lubrication, fuel, starting, exhaust, and air intake systems
  • Controls panel service includes an operational check of auto-start and engine instruments, including adjustments to the governor control and voltage regulator
  • Installation check verifies proper operation of generator with the engine running
  • Comprehensive reports of services performed are conveniently accessible via a web-based customer portal


  • Assured uptime and greater system availability result from proactively identifying and correcting generator problems
  • Extended generator service life is realized through regular and proper equipment maintenance
  • Fewer emergency maintenance costs are incurred because properly maintained equipment is less likely to fail unexpectedly

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