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Cables and Bus Preventive Maintenance

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Cables and Bus Preventive Maintenance | FeatureInfographics

Cables and bus are an integral part of your electrical distribution system. Keeping them sound and reliable is not an easy task. Mistakes in connections and splices during installation can lead to unnecessary outages. Additionally, these components are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions that can lead to failures, such as excessive water or heat. Ongoing maintenance of cables and bus is critical to avoiding costly outages or accidents.


  • Inspection of cables and supports identifies installation problems or cable flaws such as sharp bends, leaks, soft spots, or cracked jackets
  • Connection check verifies the tightness and cleanliness of cable and bus connections
  • Infrared scan of energized bus helps uncover evidence of overheating, corrosion, arcing, or other forms of deterioration
  • Cable testing appropriate for your application and unique infrastructure is performed per recommended maintenance practices
  • Comprehensive report details test results, condition of cables and bus, recommendations for replacement or corrective action, and proposed follow-up testing


  • Enhanced electrical distribution system reliability is due to regular preventive maintenance of cables and bus
  • Less unplanned downtime occurs as problems are detected and addressed prior to an outage
  • Improved power quality is achieved when cables and bus are installed and maintained properly
  • Better capital expenditure planning is possible with information gleaned from inspection findings and test results

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