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Aperture Integration Manager

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Aperture Integration Manager | FeatureInfographics
Aperture Integration Manager | FeatureInfographics

Provides a standardized web services interface so that organizations can integrate Aperture solutions with other IT management systems and the broader ITSM framework. This solution includes a SOAP-based integration layer and tools, support for data- and process-driven interfaces to Aperture solutions and upgradeable, transaction-driven architecture to reduce the cost of ownership.


  • Integrates data exchange andprocess flow to improve datacenter management.
  • Specific packages, tools,utilities and documentationprovide two-way integrationto enhance service-centricdecision making.
  • Utilizes Web servicesstandards for data exchangeto provide integration witha wide variety of third-partysystems and tools.
  • Robust Web portaltechnology enables globaldeployment.


  • Increase efficiency and communication while eliminating delays in execution byintegrating processes and operations between IT groups.
  • Improve decision making and planning by consolidating information betweensystems, e.g., matching dependencies on physical resources with applicationdemand or business services.
  • Reduce expenses by resolving discrepancies between asset (financial) andoperational management systems.
  • Streamline maintenance, problem diagnosis and resolution by quickly linking together data about specific resources or activities in multiple systems.
  • Integrate the Aperture Configuration Repository into a federated ConfigurationManagement Database (CMDB) as the system of record for the data center physical infrastructure.

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