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Aperture Capacity Manager

Aperture Capacity Manager | FrontView
Aperture Capacity Manager | FrontView
Aperture Capacity Manager | FrontView
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Aligns business forecasts with the current state and consumption trends for the infrastructure based on analysis of historical usage patterns to help IT proactively manage data center capacity and economically plan expansion and consolidation.


With Aperture Capacity Manager, you can:
  • Effectively plan for the best allocation of data center resources by coordinating and maintaining a comprehensive capacity management plan, including scenario planning and budgeting for infrastructure use by different lines of business.
  • More effectively align and prioritize installations and infrastructure build projects with the needs and objectives of the organization via detailed reporting on historical usage trends.
  • Realize cost savings and eliminate over-provisioning with project pipeline management that provides clarity around how and when infrastructure will be used.
  • Avoid the risks and costs of under-provisioning with proactive management of data center resources.Accurately understand the trends for virtual assets over time via integration with VMware and Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager, enabling reconciliation of virtual processes to physical hosts.


  • Quickly gain insight into current and future data center requirements with executive reports that summarize all key capacity parameters.
  • Easily understand increases and decreases in resource usage with month-to-month comparisons of key metrics.
  • Improve planning and budgeting with precise knowledge about resources that will become limitations to future growth.
  • Eliminate over- and under-provisioning by projecting “time remaining” for all infrastructure resources.

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