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Albér Battery Xplorer Enterprise

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Albér Battery Xplorer Enterprise | FeatureInfographics

The Albér Battery Xplorer Enterprise (BXE) software has an intuitive user interface allowing easy view of battery and alarm conditions, analysis along with probable cause and corrective actions. The highly intuitive tool will aggregate all your battery data in to one database from multiple Alber product architectures. Ultimately, improving monitoring efficiency, battery status notifications and reaction time. Essentially, only one software tool is needed to manage all your battery test programs.


  • System view providing summary, status, and navigation
  • Battery view with voltage, currents and temperature parameters
  • Battery multi-string graphical viewing and trending
  • Graphical alarm management with point and click filtering
  • Probability cause and corrective action analysis
  • Historical data collection and trending
  • System e-mail notifications
  • Discharge playback 


  • Web browser functionality with no platform or OS dependencies
  • Tablet compatible - iOS, Android
  • Supports new and legacy Albér battery monitoring platforms
  • Supports Cellcorder, CVR+ and Hydrometer Portable Products
  • Quick and easy installation using Wizards and existing database import functions
  • Server application, scaled based on battery string count
  • Software service program to maintain optimal performance

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